Glamorous Full Body Scrub

Experience a full body exfoliation treatment like no other.  An application of sugar or salt scrub of your choice, infused with Lemon, Lavender, or Eucalyptus oils.  A gentle falling rain of warm water gently sloughs away dry skin to reveal a youthful and even skin tone.  We then complete your treatment with a rejuvenation of the skin with our specially formulated body butter. Leaving you intensely hydrated to seal in moisture while leaving skin silky smooth.

45 Minutes - $65

Warm Stone Waterfall Massage

Warm Stones offer another element of healing. This experience combines warm water gently falling from our Vichy rain bar, while warm stones are used throughout the massage to maximize relaxation.  You will feel the tension melt away!

60 Minute - $125

Passion for Hydration

The ultimate in relaxation. Starting of with a full body Passionfruit Agave sugar scrub exfoliation leaving your skin refreshed.  Once fully exfoliated you will then receive a hydrating body wrap with our coconut oil along with a warmed scalp massage completed with a Moroccan Oil Scalp Treatment.

75 Minute - $105

Purifying Back Facial

This is one of our most overlooked treatments! A deep cleansing and exfoliation for the hard to reach back area. This back facial will remove impurities and restore your skin with healing nutrients.

45 Minutes - $65