Why spend endless hours trying to get that perfect tan? And, let’s not forget about all of the damage you’re doing to your skin! Let one of our certified expert tanning technicians help you achieve that summer glow.  Our new and improved spray tan is done by hand and we only use SunFX tanning product. This premium product is organic, natural, and Hypo-allergenic. SunFX contains NO ALCOHOLS, PERFUMES, GLYCOLS, PARABANS, OILS, ODOURS, ARTIFICAL PRESERVATIVE, and is ECO CERT APPROVED DHA.  We offer an array of color choices in Rapid Tan only, which produces quick and flawless results! Rapid Tan is shower ready in just 2 – 5 hours. We are happy to help you achieve that perfect glow for summer days, nights or just for that special occasion!  Call today, ask us for more information and book your appointment!

WHAT TO EXPECT: Receive a Vichy scrub using a premium SunFx body polish to prepare your skin for absorption and give your best tan results (suggested – not required). We hand spray you according to your desired results. Upon completion of the spray, we dry and dust your body with a post finishing powder to eliminate stickiness and add a touch of shimmer. You can then get on with your busy day and look beyond glamorous!

Rapid Dry Spray Tan

Dry and shower ready in 2 to 5 hours.


Vichy Shower with Rapid Dry Spray Tan


25 minute full body exfoliation in the Vichy shower to prepare skin.  Followed by rapid spray tan, dry and finishing powder. Dry and shower ready in 2 to 5 hours.